16-year-old is Accused of Killing Newborn Baby in Denver

A 16-year-old girl faces murder charges in the first degree after her newborn baby was found dead with a stone in her throat.

Authorities reported that a woman called 911 around 7:30 am on September 8, claiming that her daughter Alaya Dotson had given birth, that the baby was on the patio floor and that she “looked dead.”

Baby Amekah Dotson was transported from her home in the 5800 blocks of Biscay Street to Children’s Hospital, where she was pronounced dead after removing a stone that was in the baby’s throat.

Alaya Dotson’s mother told police that her daughter was sitting in the yard with a blanket when she left to prepare dinner. According to the woman, on returning she found her daughter with blood on her blouse and that the blanket was on the floor.

The young woman told the authorities that her mother startled her, so after she left her alone, she decided to pick up a stone from the floor and put it inside the baby’s mouth.

He also said that he pushed the stone into the baby’s throat with his thumb and then entangled it in a blanket and threw it on the ground so that when his mother came back to tell him that the baby had fallen to the ground.

Alaya’s mother did not know that her daughter was pregnant and immediately called the police.

The young woman also said that she did not know, nor did she think she was pregnant.

When the authorities arrived, Alaya was transferred to University Hospital, where she was arrested. Dotson will be charged as an adult and is scheduled to appear in court in January.

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