RTD Light Rail Service in Denver Closed For Repair

The Regional Transportation District ( RTD ) will carry out repairs on its light rail network in downtown Denver, so that four train lines are closed for 10 days, from last Friday.

For the first time, RTD will replace parts of the light rail tracks, which will require the closure of the service.

The and remain out of service until 3 am 24 September and that the work teams will replace parts of the tracks and components associated with the original RTD light rail. Lines D, F, H and L, were suspended from stop 30 and Downing to the Convention Center station since last Friday at 8 pm

Repair work, funded by a grant transit FASTER of $ 2.5 million for the Department of Transportation Colorado will focus on the intersection of 19th and California.

Courtesy or shuttle buses will replace the trains during the 10-day closing.

RTD described the project as a “complex and technically challenging” effort that has been planned for years, as Denver’s downtown infrastructure begins to reach the end of its useful life.

While the project is underway, temporary bus stops will be in effect for bus routes 28, 38, 43, 55, 122X, FF7, MetroRide and RX.

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