University of Utah Student Killed in Campus

A 21-year-old athlete was kidnapped and murdered at the University of Utah on Monday night, and it is believed that the crime is because she discovered the dark secret of her boyfriend and killer.

According to TMZ, Lauren McCluskey was leaving for a month with a guy named Melvin Rowland, until October 9 he realized that his new boyfriend was a registered sex offender.

According to the victim’s parents, the man lied to his daughter about his name, age and criminal history, including a 2014 conviction for forced sexual contact and trying to seduce a minor online.

At 8 pm on Monday, Lauren was on the phone with her mother when she left campus when she was allegedly abducted in the school parking lot.

“Suddenly I heard her scream ‘no, no, no’. I thought you had a vehicular accident. It was the last thing I heard her say. My husband called 911, “said Lauren’s mother.

The young woman was found dead and with bullet impacts inside her vehicle. Witnesses in the area reported hearing gunfire, while police located the suspect outside a church in Salt Lake City. The subject entered the force on the spot during the morning of Tuesday and committed suicide with a bullet.

Classes on the campus were canceled on Tuesday and a vigil was organized for the afternoon of this Wednesday. The family of Lauren McCluskey believes that the girl was murdered when she found out that her new boyfriend was a registered sex offender

“As a campus community, we mourn this tragic loss. We extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Lauren, “said the president of the institution, Ruth V. Watkins.

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