Turkey Demands Extradition of Suspects from Saudi Arabia in Khashoggi Killing

The Istanbul public prosecutor’s office in charge of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi has prepared an extradition request for Saudi Arabia to send to Turkey all the suspects arrested in relation to the crime.

In this sense, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has demanded this Friday Saudi Arabia to answer the questions surrounding the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, starting by saying where is the body and who ordered the journalist killed.

In addition, he assured that his country has more elements that prove the crime and announced that the Saudi prosecutor in charge of investigating the case will travel to Istanbul on Sunday to discuss the matter with his Turkish counterparts. “Where is the body of Khashoggi?” Erdogan has asked in a speech to the leaders of his party that was broadcast live on Turkish television.

If the person in charge of disposing of the journalist’s body is among the 18 people detained in relation to the case in Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi monarchy should provide the information, according to the Turkish president: “If not, I should say who the local collaborator is ” One of the hypotheses that has spread from Riyadh is that the body of the victim, wrapped in a carpet, was handed over to a Turkish citizen to make him disappear. “As long as Saudi Arabia does not clarify this, it will not be able to get rid of the suspicions,” said Erdogan, for whom the constant change of versions of the Saudis regarding the crime is “childish”.

The Islamist leader also reported that his government has shared with Saudi Arabia evidence of the murder. “When they have seen them they have been surprised”, Erdogan assured: “The material author is clear. But who gave the orders? The Saudi authorities must explain it.” The Saudi prosecutor’s office announced last Thursday that the killing of Khashoggi was “premeditated” based on the evidence provided by the Turkish authorities.

On Friday, the Istanbul prosecutor’s office issued the formal request for the extradition of the 18 Saudi nationals allegedly involved in the case and detained in Riyadh, including 15 people from the team allegedly sent to Istanbul to assassinate Khashoggi.

All have been relieved of their posts, several close collaborators of the Crown Prince, Mohamed bin Salman. ” It is not that we do not have more information and documents in our hands but it does not make sense for us to move because of the rush on this issue, it will be the Saudi authorities who will make public who murdered Khashoggi,” the Turkish president warned.

In addition, Erdogan has announced that on Sunday the Saudi prosecutor in charge of investigating the death of Khashoggi will meet with the Prosecutor General of the Republic in Istanbul, whose office is responsible for instructing the case by directing police records and taking statements from around thirty employees. of the Saudi consulate as witnesses.

The investigations in the consulate and in all the places protected by diplomatic immunity have been carried out together with a team of agents sent by Riyadh, although the samples collected are in the hands of the Turkish scientific police.

The last element that is being analyzed is the water from the well of the residence of the Saudi consul, where some rumors not officially confirmed place the remains of the corpse. Turkish police have requested that the well be drained in order to investigate the site in depth but, for the time being, the Saudi consulate has not granted the relevant permit, according to Turkish agency DHA.

On the other hand, the official Anadolu news agency announced that Turkey has prepared a demand to officially demand the extradition of the 18 detainees in Saudi Arabia for allegedly being involved in Khashoggi’s murder.

The Istanbul prosecutor’s office that instructed the case on Friday communicated the request for extradition to the Ministry of Justice and this, in turn, has transmitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is responsible for transmitting it to the country that is required.

The reason behind this request argued a senior representative of the Turkish government in statements, Is that “Jamal Khashoggi was killed in Turkey by individuals of Saudi nationality who traveled to Turkey for this specific purpose.” Although the diplomatic legations are protected by the inviolability conferred on them by the Vienna Convention, Ankara argues that this does not grant them “extraterritoriality”, that is, they remain Turkish soil.

In addition, the text of the international convention also requires that consulates or embassies are not used for purposes other than diplomats or for those who violate the laws of the host country. “The judicial system in Turkey is better equipped to guarantee justice in this case,” added the source, who also explained that, in case, finally,

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