Kansas Couple Sentenced For 14 Years in Prison for Transporting Meth

A Hispanic man from Kansas has been sentenced to 14 years in prison after being caught trying to transport nearly 15 pounds of methamphetamine with his wife through Colorado in January, according to the First District District Attorney’s office Judicial.

Jose Chavez-Tellez 48, was found guilty of possession with intent to distribute almost 15 pounds of methamphetamine valued at $ 350,000.

Although Chavez-Tellezis married to a US citizen, he was an undocumented immigrant and had been deported once in 1990, according to the district office.

In September, Chavez-Tellez was found guilty by a jury in Jefferson County in Colorado, while his wife Rhonda Chávez, 52, pleaded guilty to charges in the summer.

The couple was passing through Colorado on a trip from Los Angeles to Kansas with illegal narcotics that were wrapped in 15-quart plastic bags, according to the arrest affidavit.

On January 2, the couple stopped at a cargo truck stop in the city of Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Shortly after leaving the truck parking lot, Jose hit a curb on the highway causing two of the car’s tires to collapse and the air to escape, which alerted a JeffCo patrol officer, who stopped to help.

According to the police report, while watching the car, the agent saw a bag of copra in the rear cargo of the car containing 14.65 pounds of methamphetamine. The two were arrested and Jose was admitted to a Jefferson County jail with $ 250,000 bail.

The couple had made the smuggling trip of methamphetamine from California to Kansas four times before being captured. Rhonda Chavez-Tellez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute narcotics and was sentenced in September to 6 years in prison.

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