Study Show Chicken Odour Can Prevent from Malaria

According to the study of scientists from Ethiopia and Sweden, mosquitoes spreading malaria run away from the chicken and other birds. In a research conducted in western Ethiopia, a hen was kept in a cage near a man lying in a mosquito net.

According to the United Nations, four million people died in Africa last year. Parasite of malaria is hidden in the liver before spreading in the blood. Mosquitoes of malaria drink blood of the infected person and then carry that parasite to another person.

According to a research published in ‘Malaria Journal’, scientists have come to the conclusion that mosquitoes find their prey from the smell, then it may be that something like this in the chicken smell that they do not like.

Hobte Teki of Adis Ababa University, which was involved in this research, said that some chemicals removed from poultry can be used in cream that keeps mosquito away from them. He told the BBC that field trials for further research will be conducted.

Researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences were also involved in this study. In this experiment the chemicals and live chickens removed from the wings of the hen were used. Researchers found that the number of mosquitoes was significantly reduced from chicken and these chemicals.

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