Tulsi Gebard of Indian Origin Can Fight in 2020 US

America’s first Hindu MP Tulsi Gebard is considering contesting the presidential election in 2020. Close to Tulsi’s close and famous India-based Dr. Sampat Shivangi claimed this during a program in Los Angeles on Friday. During this time, 37-year-old Tulsi was also present. Shivangi while introducing Tulsi in the program said that he could become the next President of the United States in 2020. His statement was welcomed by the people present in the program.

After this, Tulsi also addressed the program but he neither confirmed nor refused to join the presidential election. People close to Tulsi say that before Christmas they can make a decision about this. He and his team are contacting prospective donors, including the Indian diaspora, to make their election campaign effective.

Tulsi Gebard, if he decides to enter the presidential election, he will be the first Hindu candidate to join the White House race. Once elected, he can become America’s youngest and first woman president.

Tulsi was elected again in the last week’s election for the fourth time elected MP for the Lower House House of the American Parliament. This is their fourth term. He is a member of this House since 2012. He is quite popular in the Indian community living in America.

basil first US lawmaker who was sworn in as the membership of Parliament by the holy book. He has been the vice-president of the Democratic Party’s National Committee. At this time he is a member of the Committee’s Emergency Armed Services Committee and the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Shivangi, who claims to land in the Presidential election of Dr. Sampat Shivangi Tulsi, is associated with the ruling Republican Party. Shivangi raised money for him even when he was in the race to reach Parliament for the first time in 2012.

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