Lady Gaga Speaks Key Points About Pop Industry

The singer Lady Gaga personally took charge of reminding the public that the outrageous cases of harassment and sexual abuse that have been shaking the world of cinema in recent times without forgetting the dynamics of male chauvinism that derives from these practices are not exclusive of Hollywood, but is part of a toxic business culture that manifests itself in many other sectors and, of course, also in the music industry to which she arrived with only 19 years.

“When I started in this business, I think I was not more than 19 years old, it was the rule, not the exception, to enter a recording studio and be harassed by certain men. That was just the way things worked. And now I think of how I wish I had sounded the alarm before. And I did, to me raped me when I was very young and I told people, “argued the actress while recalling that fateful personal experience, which led him to suffer post-traumatic stress for a long time. In

addition to the silence to which victims of sexual violence are sometimes forced due to the lack of evidence, or the scant credibility sometimes aroused by her testimonies due, among other things, to misogynist prejudices, the famed singer also wanted to underline the key role played by male silence – understood in terms of complicity at the time of perpetuating these practices and reprehensible power relations. (It may interest you: Lady Gaga will be the villain in the new “Little Mermaid” movie?)

“The problem is that many of these environments are ‘men’s clubs.’ Deep down, no one wants to give up their privileges and no one dares to protect you or say something about it because they fear that this may mean a loss of their power, “he said during a roundtable organized by The Hollywood Reporter magazine and in which he has participated along with such outstanding actresses as Glenn Close, Rachel Weisz or Nicole Kidman.

“What I hope with these conversations and with the visibility that we are giving to these problems is not to solve each of them separately, but to understand that all are part of the same culture,” he concluded.

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