Council of State Cites Scheduled to December 4

The political future of former guerrilla leader Seuxis Hernández, better known as JesusSantrich,, is in the hands of the State Council that is studying a lawsuit against his investiture. Said high court has just summoned him to appear at a public hearing that will be held on December 3 and, for this, he officiated the Inpec to guarantee his transfer to the Palace of Justice that day.

The former guerrilla leader Seuxis Hernandez faces a process of loss of investiture presented by the Board of Directors of the House of Representatives alleging that he has not taken office as a congressman.

Santrich has not been able to occupy his seat in the Congress of the Republic because he was arrested by the authorities, at the request of the government of the United States under federal narcotics charges. The demand for loss of investiture was presented by the Board of Directors of the House of Representatives, alleging that he has not yet taken office as representative of the Partido Fuerza Revolucionaria Alternativo de Común (FARC) for the period 2018-2022.

The lawsuit states that since Santrich is in a “situation of force majeure”, it is necessary that the State Council pronounce itself and define whether in this particular case a cause of loss of investiture was incurred.

The dismissal of Judge María Adriana Marín accepted the request taking into account Santrich’s status as representative to the Chamber, according to resolution 1597 of July 19, 2018 of the National Electoral Council. And he ordered to notify Hernández of this process through the Attorney General’s Office and the Inpec so that the ex-guerrilla can exercise his right to due process and pronounce himself in this case.

In recent days, the Administrative Court of the Judicial Circuit of Bogota considered that Santrich has a congressional investiture and had ordered that another sentence of August that had ordered the House of Representatives be pronounced on the excuse presented by Jesus Santrich, in the one that wielded the arguments that prevented him from taking possession.

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