Street Food Consumption has Increased by 27 Percent in Past 5 Years

Nowadays, the taste of street food has climbed on the lips of the people so that they are seeing it as an alternative to food made at home. Everybody likes baby or big street food. Talk to street food, so Momos’s taste is appealing to everyone.

Moms in the market are getting many varieties like wage, non-wage, steamed, tandoori and fried momos. If you also eat the taste of the tongue and erase the hunger, then you eat mamose with a big cheek then get alerted at the time. This taste of the tongue will not be a big threat to your health.

Children also get water in the mouth of the elderly by listening to the name of baby Momos, but do you know that these spicy moms are becoming a major threat to your health.

According to Simran Saini, the Dietitian of Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh, people should avoid eating ‘Food Food Momos’. According to Simran Saini, many types of diseases can make you a victim by eating a black pepper. Mmoz is made from maida which can also spoil the digestive tract.

The second major disadvantage of eating mumozes is that the amount of calories in it is very high but nutrients are completely disappearing. Because of which you get only tests from eating nutrients.

– Cleanliness is not taken care of when making Moms. This is the reason that, compared to the rest of the street food, Momos most commonly harm health. Momos itself is also harmful to health, but red pungent chutney and mayonnaise, eaten with it, are also extremely dangerous for health.

Bleaching flour is used to soften the flour used to make moms. Due to which your body may damage the insulin level, it can also be bad. It does not have fiber, it is bleached with Benzyl peroxide to make it white and shiny, which gives very harm to the body.

By consuming maida, a person may have a problem of digestion. Not only this, many women and children are exposed to food poisoning by eating flour. Momos has monosodium glutamate, which makes the bones weak. This also leads to nervous disorder. Also, gluten-rich food allergy produces.

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