High Blood Pressure Can Cause Heart Attack During Pregnancy, Pregnant Women Should Be Careful


Women go through many health problems during pregnancy. Many times in pregnancy, a woman has high blood pressure. Both mother and baby are at risk due to increased blood pressure. However, blood pressure can be controlled during pregnancy with medicines and proper care. But recent research suggests that such women are more at risk of developing heart disease in later life, who have high blood pressure during pregnancy.

This research has been published in the journal Circulation. This research has been done by the team of King’s College London. This research was done from 1997 to 2016, i.e. about 20 years. The special thing is that more than 13 lakh pregnant women data were included in the research.

High blood pressure increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases

The problem of increasing blood pressure during pregnancy is quite common. More than 10% of pregnant women suffer from high blood pressure, which increases the risk during delivery. Due to high blood pressure, many times the delivery of the baby has to be done ahead of time, which affects the health of the baby. High blood pressure during pregnancy increases the risk of many cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, cardiac arrest, etc. after the age of 40.

How to control high blood pressure

Usually, when the blood pressure rises during pregnancy, doctors give it medicines to control. But after making a few changes in lifestyle after delivery, you can reduce the risk of hypertension, like – change your diet, reduce salt intake, exercise a little daily. Apart from this, take the medicines prescribed by the doctor at the right time daily. By taking these things into consideration, you can reduce the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases to a great extent.

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